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Software and Hardware RAID, Shadowing?

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The Question is:

I have an Alpha 4100 with two external shelves of 18.2 GB drives ( 12 total)and
 kzpba-ca controllers. I want to create RAID5 raid sets using Compaq RAID5
 V2.5. O/S is 6.2 1H3. Question: can I use disks across controllers as part of
 a raid group ( disks on
 shelf 1 and shelf 2) or do need to keep the RAID devices on the same controller?

The Answer is :

  Host-based RAID solutions including HP RAID Software for OpenVMS
  (which provides RAID0 and RAID5) and HP OpenVMS Volume Shadowing
  (RAID0+1) (and the two products can operate together) can typically
  operate across controllers, while controller-based (hardware) RAID
  solutions typically cannot.
  For details of the particular package, please consult the associated
  As of this writing, V2.6 is the current HP RAID Software for OpenVMS
  Both HP RAID Software for OpenVMS and HP OpenVMS Volume Shadowing do
  operate across controllers.  Both products also can and do operate
  across multiple cluster hosts as well, assisting in the creation of
  disaster-tolerant OpenVMS configurations

answer written or last revised on ( 6-MAY-2004 )

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