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Logging Console Activity, Startup, Upgrades?

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The Question is:

I've searched the FAQs using numerous keywords, so hope this doesn't duplicate.
 We have Alpha servers running v6.2-1H3, but we are installing v7.3-2 on a
 single Alpha. To document my installs I have always used the "set host /log="
 command. The log works
great for subsequent installs/upgrades, and it comes in handy should there be
 questions surrounding the installation. We would like to run v7.3-2 without
 DECnet. Is there another way to document my installs? I've tried redefining
 sys$output and spawning,
but neither allow me to see the output so that I can answer installation
 questions. Thanks for your help.

The Answer is :

  The OpenVMS Wizard would tend to recommend a console management package,
  or the use of a terminal server connected in reverse.  With a serial
  line connected from the console manager or the terminal server into the
  Alpha console serial port, you can manage the Alpha system remotely.
  With either of these configurations connected into the system console
  serial line, you can log all console activities and messages, including
  the processing of the OpenVMS upgrade.
  The approach using the terminal server is not nearly as complete as a
  console management package, though it is functional to roughly the same
  level as your DECnet SET HOST/LOG approach.  Connect into the terminal
  server port from a remote system; connect into the specified terminal
  server serial line connected to the console serial line.
  Do realize there are security implications of having your console serial
  terminal network accessable either via the console management package or
  via a terminal server, and do take the steps appropriate to avoid
  unauthorized (remote) access into the console serial line.
  For details on available system console management packages, please see
  the OpenVMS FAQ section on Console Management Options, and please see
  the HP Software Catalog search tool.

answer written or last revised on ( 11-MAY-2004 )

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