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Source Network Address? (IP or DECnet)

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The Question is:

We typically access our Alpha's from PCs using terminal emulators like
 Reflection.  One of our security rules is that the same Username should not be
 logged on from 2 different places (i.e IP addresses). (It is OK for them to be
 logged multiple times from
 he same IP address)  Is there a way to determine the origination IP address?

The Answer is :

  You'll want to take this up with your auditors, as it is easily
  possible to see a username with multiple sources.
  As for your question, see the DVI$_TT_ACCPORNAM itemcode and see
  the SYS$REM* logical names, and enforce your auditors' policy as
  part of a locally-customized LGI module, or as some explicit DCL
  in SYLOGIN.COM or similar.

answer written or last revised on ( 17-MAY-2004 )

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