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LAT Networking: Gateway, Router, or Bridge?

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The Question is:

Is it possible to run DEC LAT over a broadband VPN connection?  If yes what
 routers do you recommend/suggest?

The Answer is :

  This is not particularly an OpenVMS question, and thus the OpenVMS
  Wizard would tend to encourage direct contact with your prefered
  network services provider or support organization, or with the HP
  Services organization.
  LAT is a non-routed protocol based on Ethernet-style network
  communications.  LAT assumes direct access to an Ethernet-style
  connection and network.
  LAT communications have been seen to be successfully bridged and
  switched, but the OpenVMS Wizard is aware of no available LAT router
  nor of any supported LAT-capable tunnel or gateway.
  LAT has largely been replaced with telnet-capable terminal servers,
  and the later members of the DECserver family and most other terminal
  servers can support both LAT and telnet, or support telnet.
  For assistance with the DECserver family, please contact Digital
  Network Products Group (www.dnpg.com), the DECserver product vendor.
  Here are a few of the related discussions: (546), (1578), (1762),
  (2111), (2272), (2312), (2631), (2696), (3202), (3280), (4394),
  (5173), (5267), (5691), (5737), (5881), (6271), (6447), (7143),
  (7151), (7504), (8177), (8287), (8876), (9346).  There are other
  LAT- and IP-related topics, as well.
  Topic (1020) is the keystone topic for IP printing.

answer written or last revised on ( 19-MAY-2004 )

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