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PATHWORKS And Windows Server 2003?

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The Question is:

When we went native mode windows 2000 we moved the pathworks V6.0D server into
 it's own domain and created a trust.
When we upgraded our domain controllers to windows server 2003 the trust broke
 and we can not recreate it where it works.
Will an upgrade to Advanced Server 6.1 allow us to move that server back into
 our 2003 domain as a member server.
OpenVMS V6.2-1H3 will not allow any higher than 6.1, will it?

The Answer is :

  The underlying resolution of the domain trust failure question is best
  handled through direct contact with the customer support center, as
  additional details of the problem and the configuration will be required.
  An upgrade to Advanced Server V6.1 will allow the OpenVMS server to be
  a member server within a Microsoft Windows 2000 domain.  With regards
  to Windows 2003 domains, V6.1 is not formally supported, however, it
  has been found to work at various sites.
  OpenVMS V6.2-1H3 is not supported and not expected to allow use of any
  Advanced Server versions after V6.1.

answer written or last revised on ( 16-JUN-2004 )

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