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AlphaBook portable and TKZ62 3490 Library?

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The Question is:

I am running an Alphabook 1, with a TKZ62CL attached, at SRM I can correctly
 see both mka200 as the tape drive and mka201 as the robotics (you can not
 change the scsi id's on TKZ62's).
However once I boot VMS (7.3) I can only see the drive and not the robotics
 (its not there as mka201 or gka201).
sys$loadable_drivers:sys$gkdriver.exe is not present, how should I expect to
 access the robotics?

The Answer is :

  The OpenVMS Wizard would not expect to see support for a cartridge
  tape library in this configuration, nor would the OpenVMS Wizard
  expect to have seen any particular testing of a 3490-compatible
  series tape library on a third-party portable system such as the
  AlphaBook series.
  Tadpole would be a potential source for hardware support information.
  SYS$GKDRIVER.EXE is present in current OpenVMS Alpha releases.
  Please determine if it has been reconfigured off the current system
  disk, and if it and its related support was ever installed.
  For details on configuring and using the generic GKDRIVER, please see
  the I/O User's Reference Manual and related materials.
  For details on configurations with support for the TKZ62 series device,
  please see the AlphaServer supported options listings -- as should be
  quite obvious, the OpenVMS Wizard would recommend using a non-portable
  AlphaServer or AlphaStation system for this configuration (and
  particularly one with support for the TKZ62 series), and not a
  Tadpole AlphaBook system.
  Some of the generic issues involving SCSI bus and SCSI device
  (re)configuration are discussed in the OpenVMS FAQ.
  You will want to investigate the loader software associated with
  this device, as most loaders will typically have some form of
  controlling software distributed with the particular device.

answer written or last revised on ( 20-MAY-2004 )

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