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Customizing the EVE Editor?

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The Question is:

Product EVE
Can you tell me how to modify the TPU status bar on initial startup i.e. I want
 to change from the standard:-
<filename.ext>       | Write | Insert | Forward
to some user defined text:
<filename.ext> PF1 - Top, PF2 - Bottom. PF4 - Exit

The Answer is :

The first E in EVE is for extensible, and EVE can be greatly
It may be possible to make customizations with a custom
TPU$SECTION or with an initialization file.
For more advanced hacking, the source for EVE is available in
SYS$EXAMPLES: and the instructions to build it are included in
the "Extensible Versitile Editor Reference Manual".
See also the "DEC Text Processing Utility Manual".
Both of these manuals are available from following the
documentation link on the OpenVMS home page.
Of course the internals to EVE may change with updates to VMS,
so any customizations that depend on those internals may need
to be redone in the future.

answer written or last revised on ( 20-MAY-2004 )

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