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Errant DCL$OUTPUT*.LOG files?

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The Question is:

I occasionally see files named DCL$OUTPUT_<pid>.LOG in various places.  The
 files occupy zero blocks of disk space.  When I took a dump of
 SYS$SYSTEM:DCL.EXE, I noticed that it includes DCL$OUTPUT_!XL.  Could you tell
 me the circumstances under which thes
e files are created?

The Answer is :

  The creation of these files was the result of a DCL bug, and was
  typically seen circa V7.1.
  There is a support article available (via AskQ or otherwise)
  that is entitled:
[OpenVMS] Various DCL Cmds Run In Batch Create DCL$OUTPUT_xxxxxxxx.LOG
  The known cases of this errant log file creation within DCL have
  been resolved on current OpenVMS releases.
  These files can be safely deleted.

answer written or last revised on ( 25-MAY-2004 )

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