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Hardware Support Information? (NICs, etc)

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The Question is:

what NIC other than DE435 or DE500 are known to work under OpenVMS

The Answer is :

  Many NICs are known to work with OpenVMS, with details of the platform
  and the application requirements both being key considerations.  In
  this case, the relative age of the OpenVMS Alpha release is also a key
  consideration -- older systems tend not to support newer controllers.
  For hardware configuration and options support information for the
  particular AlphaServer or AlphaStation system, please consult the
  options list at the AlphaServer website.  Also see the OpenVMS
  Software Product Description (SPD).  Pointers to both are included
  in the OpenVMS FAQ.
  For information on the DE500 series controller applicability here,
  also please see the table in the OpenVMS FAQ.  Though you imply other
  interests, the DE500 variants are among the widest available and
  accordingly among the most common choices for OpenVMS.

answer written or last revised on ( 27-MAY-2004 )

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