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Tuning and Performance Comparisons?

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The Question is:

We have a Production and Test Environment for
products that we run and have the same process
which we run in both environments. It takes
substantially longer to run in the Production
Environment than it does in the Test
Would like to know what the possible reasons
are for the differences in the run times?.
Thank You.

The Answer is :

  Please contact the support center directly, as the OpenVMS Wizard must
  infer that you wish assistance in determining the baseline application
  and system performance details, and in subsequently comparing the results
  of the efforts across the two (or more) system configurations involved.
  With the establishment of a baseline of application and system performance
  for each system or each cluster, you can then make comparisions -- much
  like tuning an OpenVMS system or tuning an application, you must identify
  the particular performance constraints currently limiting the application
  The range of possible causes for performance differences between these
  two systems or two cluster configurations is well beyond what could be
  discussed in any reply here, as it could easily involve system performance
  differences, system tuning differences, I/O performance, application
  differences, firmware, quota settings, application and/or system
  contention, differences in numbers of records, differences in record
  organization or fragmentation within files, deleted records within RMS
  files, disk or file fragmentation, or any combination of a vast number
  of other potential performance-relevent hardware and/or software
  If you wish to research this yourself, please review the performance
  manual in the OpenVMS manual set, as well as information relevent to
  the language and/or file system and/or database and/or third-party
  application and/or network stack and/or other environment-specific
  Again, a discussion of potential causes of performance differences is
  far too open-ended for a discussion here in Ask The Wizard.  Please
  contact the support center for tuning and related assistance.
  For generic programming information, please see topic (1661).  Other
  system, application, and RMS file tuning discussions include (292),
  (1676), (2259), (2618), (2764), (2794), (3345), (3598), (3948), (4341),
  (4365), (6718), (6886), (7425), (7557), (7757), (8409), and (9020).
  For some BACKUP discussions, please see (6690), (7556), (7997), (8065),
  and (8452).  Other tuning-related discussions are also available.

answer written or last revised on ( 2-JUN-2004 )

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