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Standalone BACKUP, Device DEVOFFLINE Errors?

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The Question is:

I am having trouble booting up a MicroVAX 3600.
When I switch it on it goes through the system tests then says:
Loading system software
(BOOT/R5:0 DUB3)
this times out after about 5 minutes and then gives the message:
         PC - 00000C1A
So obviously the drive DUB3 is not online.
I then have the chevron prompt so I did a sh dev
and I get the following:
UQSSP Disk Controller 0 (772150)
-DUA2 (RA82)
UQSSP Disk Controller 0 (760334)
-DUB3 (RA90)
-DUB4 (RA90)
-DUB5 (RA90)
... some other tape controllers and ethernet adapter..
I have then systematcially tried to boot off every one of the disk drives.
Every gives the same output as DUB3 except DUB4 which gives the following output:
 VAX/VMS Version V5.5 Main version id - 1 Minor version id - 0
PLEASE ENTER DATE AND TIME... etc. (I then enter the date and time)
Configuring devices. , , .
Now configuring HSC, RF, and MSCF-served devices, , .
Please check the names of the devices which have been configured to make sure
 that ALL remote devices which you intend to use have been configured.
If any device does not show etc...
(then a list of disk drives and tape drives is output follwed by)
Enter "YES" when all needed devices are available:
Now if I type "YES" I get the following message:
%BACKUP-I-IDENT, Stand-alone BACKUP V5.5: the date is 4-JUN-2004 10:03:05.66
Then I seem to get the dollar prompt. However, this does not seem to be the DCL
 command line but some other utility command line (backup??) which will not
 respond to a "HELP" command. In fact most attempts get:
%CLI-W-IVVERB, unrecognized command verb - check validity and spelling
Can you shed any light on this problem?

The Answer is :

  It would appear that there are hardware problems with several of the
  disk devices.  This could be a bus misconfiguration, incorrect wiring
  between the UQSSP-series controller and the DSA storage devices, and/or
  one or more hardware failures.  The cause of this commonly includes one
  or more misconfigured Q-bus controllers.  (For additional information
  on Q-bus configuration requirements, please see topics including
  (1149), (1866) and (3232).)
  It would appear that you have at least two MSCP-class DSA-series storage
  controllers present in this system (usually the KDA50 series controller
  for RA-series disks), with an unknown quantity of additional hardware
  present in the configuration.
  It would appear that the console default bootstrap is set to select DUB3:.
  That DUB4: successfully bootstraps would imply that there are problems
  with the other disks apparently resident on that disk controller --
  hardware failures involving disks ages similar to that of the RA-series
  devices are not unheard of, of course -- or that there are other and
  associated device or configuration conflicts.
  Please contact your hardware services organization or your local HP
  hardware services office for assistance with questionable or with
  failed hardware -- the OpenVMS (software) Wizard is not in a position
  to provide hardware support, diagnostics, or troubleshooting.
  DUB4: contains a very old Standalone BACKUP root.  The only command
  that is valid and available in this environment is the BACKUP command.
  For details on Standalone BACKUP, please see the system management
  documentation, particularly around the documentation for archiving and
  restoring the system disk on an OpenVMS VAX system -- Standalone BACKUP
  is the mechanism used for those tasks.
  Once you resolve the configuration or hardware issues -- and assuming
  that there are no other bootable roots found once the configuration is
  operational -- you can use this standalone root (or you can boot a more
  recent version of OpenVMS VAX Standalone BACKUP another load device on
  this system), and can (re)load OpenVMS VAX onto one or more of the
  specified disks.

answer written or last revised on ( 4-JUN-2004 )

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