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Printing, Forms, and Device Control Lib?

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The Question is:

I need to print a text file created by an Alpha based program, onto an hp
 laser. Right now it's an hp8100. Now this printer can store forms within
 itself. I have a bit of code which will call that form and apply it to the
 text print file:
(test) run test
The above code is saved in a text file called trigger.txt
If I use the vms command
$ print/que=hp8100 trigger.txt,my_vms_file.txt
Everything works fine, the vms text is applied to the called form.
I would like to be able to call the different forms from a sys$library .tbl
 file if that's the best methode to get this done. I have created .tbl files
 with escape sequences within to manipulate dot-matrix dec compatible printers,
 but I didn't know if two
 lines could work in a tbl file.
I would rather not write a DCL that issues the "$print/que=" command using
 input from the user to print trigger,my_vms_file.
I'd rather do something like
$print/setup=orderformtrigger my_vms_file.txt
Am I going about this the correct way, or is there another option I should

The Answer is :

  This approach appears correct.  In general, PRINT /SETUP=FOO BAR is
  equivalent to PRINT FOO,BAR.
  DECprint Services (DCPS) can also be used to print ASCII text on a
  PostScript form by putting the PostScript form in a device control
  Printing-related discussions start in topic (1020).  Pointers to
  topics discussing various printing problems and configurations,
  device control libraries, networking, and other topics are
  available there.

answer written or last revised on ( 9-JUN-2004 )

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