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BACKUP BTCROUT, an RMS Syntax Error?

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The Question is:

During daily backup of our ods-5 disks we experience the loss of
 directory-path-information for some, but not all of the saved files on tape.
 This happens only to files, that reside in or under directories having
 characters in their name that do not confi
rm with open-VMS syntax such as      [PC.user.eigene Dateien] (blank in
 directory-name) but not to all of the files that have directory-trees as
The DCL-Backup-command is:
s -
$1$DKA200:/image -
The Log-Output includes lots of messages like
"%BACKUP-I-BTCROUT, routine ODS-5 RMS SYNTAX ERROR" without further information.
The files that have lost the directory-information are listed at the end of the
 Log-Output, as if they where found in the root-directory of the disk.
These entries in the Log-Output are not in alphabetic order and many entries ar
 empty like the first in the example:
%BACKUP-S-COPIED, copied $1$DKA200:[]
%BACKUP-S-COPIED, copied $1$DKA200:[]0044DKLB.XLS;1
The process has set Parse Style: Traditional
Tests without the /image qualifier backing up only parts of the disk with
 test-directories as described above do not show the problem.
What can we do?

The Answer is :

  Topic (9053) will be of interest when discussing BTCROUT errors.
  The discussion of /IGNORE=INTERLOCK in the OpenVMS FAQ will also be
  of interest -- far more interesting than the BTCROUT error, too, as
  ignoring the interlocks opens the operation to silent file-level data
  corruptions within the output saveset.

answer written or last revised on ( 10-JUN-2004 )

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