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Dvorak Keyboard Layout?

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The Question is:

I use the Dvorak layout on my PC's at home and on my other work PC, however on
 my Alpha (running OpenVMS 7.3 and DECWindows 1.2-6) I cannot figure out how to
 either change the layout to Dvorak or remap the keys to reflect a Dvorak
 layout. What would be th
e best way to switch DECWindows to Dvorak?

The Answer is :

  OpenVMS itself does not provide support for converting to or from a Dvorak
  keyboard layout, nor is the OpenVMS Wizard aware of an available Dvorak
  keyboard supported by OpenVMS.
  Assuming DECwindows is in use, you might attempt to use a Dvorak keyboard
  with the system -- assuming that the keyboard supports scanset 3, it will
  probably work with X Windows and thus with OpenVMS.  (The third-party
  keyboards that have support for scanset 3 -- support for key-up and
  key-down, in particular -- will also tend to list support for one or
  more X Windows platforms.)
  If you are willing to operate with mislabeled keycaps or you are willing
  (entirely unsupported, of course, and can easily and irreparably damage
  your keyboard) to pry off and redistribute keycaps across the keyboard,
  you could conceivably remap a supported keyboard using the X Windows key
  mapping mechanisms.   At least one site is apparently offering a Dvorak
  DECW$KEYMAP key mapping file for DECwindows.

answer written or last revised on ( 29-NOV-2004 )

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