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TCP/IP and large (64KB+) $qio transfers?

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The Question is:

Im using TCP/IP Services V5.4 ECO 1.
I want to send big chunks of data from OpenVMS to a PC.
What is the upper limit of a TCP/IP packet I can send using the $QIO service?
IO$_WRITEVBLK using p1/p2 seems to have an upper limit of around 65000!? I have
 tried to use the p5 with a descriptor for the data to send and still gets
 IVBUFLEN when trying to send large packets (>200KB). Even if I split this
 package into several smalle
r described in a descriptor-list I get the same error...
Have I missed something fundamentally??
I can't find any examples that sends large packets of data! Is there any such
/Lars Olsson

The Answer is :

  $qio transfers with BG devices is limited to 64 kilobytes in V5.4.
  There are plans to increase the largest permissible transfer size
  in an unspecified future release of TCP/IP Services after V5.4.

answer written or last revised on ( 10-JUN-2004 )

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