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SYSTARTUP_VMS Startup Debugging, Verification?

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The Question is:

I have a VAX 4000-300 that is hanging during the boot process.  How can I step
 through the process line by line so that I can identify where the error is
 occuring?  I know there is a way to display everything to the terminal, but I
 don't recall the comman

The Answer is :

  Yes, there is a way to verify the system startup procedure; to
  enable display output as the commands are involked.
  Please take the time to review the system manager's manual, and
  specifically the discussion of startup and shutdown processing.
  From this information, you will learn about various of the
  available options and commands, as well as customizations that
  can be available.
  Of course, you could also boot conversationally as discussed in
  the FAQ, set the startup to minimum, and add a DCL verification
  command (SET VERIFY) or lexical (f$verify) into your site-startup
  Related topics include the following: (1456), (2165), (3713),
  (4223), (4489), (5406), (5576), (6166), (8095), (8501), (8680),
  (8714) and (9703).
  Some topics related to customizations include (7943), (7782),
  (5069) and (4426).
  There are other related topics available.

answer written or last revised on ( 14-JUN-2004 )

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