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Print Queues and Changing IP Addresses?

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The Question is:

Open VMS 7.1 to 7.3 Vax and Alpha platforms
Hi Wizard,
Our server IP's must be changed, but there are many batch and IP printer queues
 that explicitly refer to these IP's in their autostart and initialization
IP print queue:
Is there a way of having these strings refer to a logical defined in a central
 file (site_logicals.com?), or use IP's pulled from the DNS table?  If so, how
 could that be set up?

The Answer is :

  You might choose to use an IP host name, as that is how most folks
  avoid hard-coding an IP host address -- the translation of the host
  name to host address is the most obvious, of course.  You could also
  use network servers which translate IP addresses -- one of the more
  common terms is network address translation (NAT) -- and implement
  a hardware-level redirection of the traffic.  As a rule, the OpenVMS
  Wizard would use the host name; it is easy to implement, easy to
  explain to others, and easy to maintain.
  If the host name specification is not available or not working --
  and you have not indicated TCP/IP Services version and ECO -- please
  ensure you are running a supported version and the current ECO and
  then (if the problem persists) please contact the support center
  directly.  Expect to be asked details of the versions and ECOs
  loaded for TCP/IP Services and for OpenVMS, and details of the
  command(s) used and any error message(s) displayed.
  Various OpenVMS releases do have limits on the length of the host
  name specified on the INITIALIZE command, and a fully-qualified
  host name of moderate length may not fit within the allowable
  command limits.  If so, please contact the support center.

answer written or last revised on ( 18-JUN-2004 )

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