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FTP File Transfers? Microsoft Windows?

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The Question is:

I am trying to perform a file transfer from my ES47 to my PC and vice versa.
 I'm not quite sure what the transfer protocol should be or the to/from Host
 program name.  Any thoughts

The Answer is :

  Please contact a Microsoft Wizard for assistance with the Microsoft
  Windows platform.
  With OpenVMS, both an FTP client and an FTP server can be configured
  and run.
  On OpenVMS, the usual network file transfer involves the DCL command
  COPY/FTP or the FTP utility.  This assumes that FTP has been configured
  on OpenVMS and that an FTP server is available on the remote system.
  Various Microsoft Windows client systems do not offer an FTP server.

answer written or last revised on ( 18-JUN-2004 )

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