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Configure TCP/IP DNS Logging?

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The Question is:

TCP/IP version 5.1
How do I configure logging on the TCP/IP DNS server, so that only warnings and
 higher are logged in the TCPIP$BIND_RUN.LOG file.
I have read the documentation, but that only confused me.

The Answer is :

  The OpenVMS Wizard might guess you will want to configure a channel
  with a severity level set as desired, specifying an output log file.
  The following is similar to what is shown in the documentation:
channel my_security_channel {
    file "my_security_file";
    severity warning;
category security { my_security_channel;
  Please contact the support center; details of the confusion would be
  helpful both in resolving your particular requirements and in updating
  the existing documentation in future releases.
  Please consider an upgrade to more recent software versions, and please
  also apply the current ECO kits.

answer written or last revised on ( 14-JUL-2004 )

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