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Ethernet NIC Driver $qio counters?

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The Question is:

Some legacy code that I'm working on obtains information from an SGEC Ethernet
 controller using the IO$M_SENSEMODE + IO$M_RD_COUNT + IO$M_CTRL function in a
 QIO call.
This call seems to return various controller statistics in a buffer supplied as
 the P2 parameter, including a carrier sense flag, but I've been unable to find
 any documentation regarding the format of the data returned.
Do you know where I can find this information?

The Answer is :

  There is a third-party package that uses a similar calling interface
  and function code -- the OpenVMS Wizard is not immediately familiar
  with a similar documented interface within OpenVMS.  Such itemcodes
  and functions are generally implemented within the particular target
  device driver, so details of the driver are central to the question.
  If this is an OpenVMS device and device driver, please contact the
  support center, and please expect to provide details of the current
  software configuration, the call and the system and NIC involved.
  Also expect to be asked details of the information being sought,
  of course -- there may be other approaches to the goal, obviously.

answer written or last revised on ( 15-JUL-2004 )

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