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Translating Error Codes to Messages?

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The Question is:

Backup reports an error 10A3800A - the message translates into a %BACKUP-E-NOMSG.
Any clues on what it is ?

The Answer is :

  To translate error messages, you can use the SET MESSAGE command
  and the target message file.
  BACKUP messages can be found in SYS$MESSAGE:SYSMGTMSG.EXE.
  For instance:
    %BACKUP-E-OPENIN, error opening !AS as input
  You would need to examine the log file to find out the file which
  caused the error, if this is indeed an input file error.
  This type of error can also be produced by incorrect or inadequate
  settings among the various process quotas involved; it is possible
  that a process quota exhaustion condition can render BACKUP or most
  any other utility unable to access the message file to retrieve the
  error message text.  The quota exhaustion condition could be the
  initial error, or it could be secondary to another error.
  In the specific case of BACKUP, the recommended process quota
  settings -- and the recommended relationships among the various
  process quotas -- are available in the System Management manual
  within the OpenVMS Documentation Set.

answer written or last revised on ( 29-JUN-2004 )

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