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Mouse and Keyboard Freeze? Input Hang?

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The Question is:

I am running V5.9_1 on a Vax Alpha.
After a few minutes keyboard/mouse inactivity:
1. the keyboard freezes,
2. the mouse continues to move the cursor but the buttons no longer function.
3. Jobs in batch queues continue to run.
Is there some timeout setting that is causing this?

The Answer is :

  It is unlikely you are running "V5.9_1 on a Vax Alpha", as no such
  software versionand no such hardware configuration is familiar to
  the OpenVMS Wizard.
  Please contact the support center directly, as the specific OpenVMS VAX
  or OpenVMS Alpha version and configuration, and the specific DECwindows
  version will all be of some interest.  Additionally, the specific
  connection will be of interest -- the OpenVMS Wizard is obviously
  here assuming a DECwindows connection, but there are certainly other
  connections into OpenVMS that could involve the use of a mouse and
  keyboard.  DECwindows can also obviously use a remote X Windows server,
  meaning that software on another host could be controlling the mouse
  and keyboard.
  You will want to apply the current ECO kits for OpenVMS VAX or OpenVMS
  Alpha release in use, and for the particular DECwindows version.  If
  you are not running supported releases, please seriously consider
  an upgrade to a supported configuration.
  This could also be a hardware-level problem or failure, of course.
  Once at current ECOs and/or current versions and current ECOs -- and
  if the problem persists -- please contact your prefered hardware
  support organization for assistance.

answer written or last revised on ( 30-JUN-2004 )

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