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Non-Postscript Printer (LG14+) and DCPS?

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The Question is:

I have a Digital LG14Plus line printer with a RapidPrint 500 attached to it.
 It has a class-C IP address.  I set up a printer queue using
p1: Printer$xxx
p2: "IP_rawTCP/ip_address:2001" (where ip_address is the IP-address of the
 RapidPrint 500)
p4: "data=ansi"
When the command file is executed, it creates a print queue with PRINTER$XXX
 and is in idle state.  I typed a print command to PRINTER$XXX, and its printer
 queue status says "Starting".  It just stays at this status forever.
I'm running DCPS V2.3.  Did I missed any setup?

The Answer is :

  The LG14+ series printer is a line printer and does not provide
  a Postscript engine or Postscript printing capabilities, and is
  accordingly incompatible with DECprint Services (DCPS) printer
  expectations; this and similar printers cannot be used with DCPS.
  Please use an LPR or Telnet symbiont queue for IP access to the
  printer via the RapidPrint 500 server.  For general information
  on this, please see the TCP/IP Services documentation (or the
  documentation of the particular IP stack in use), and please see
  topics here including (1020).

answer written or last revised on ( 7-JUL-2004 )

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