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Duplicate device names in cluster?

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The Question is:

  I have 3 standalone alphas that I want to cluster. Each will have their disks
 mounted "/system" except for a common disk for print ques, sysuaf, user files.
 All disks are shadow sets.  Alpha A currently has DSA1:,DSA2:,DSA3:,DSA4:
Alpha B currently has DSA1:,DSA2:,DSA3:,DSA4:
Alpha C has an internal drive and will just be along for quorum.
 I'd like to have each system retain the current DSAx: for the non-common
 disks. If I set MSCP_SERVE_ALL to 0 on all 3 Alphas, then do a $set
 device/served to the disks I want to cluster shadow, (finally, the question
 !), will this scenario fly ?
You may now question my sanity.

The Answer is :

  Volume shadowing shadowset DSA device names are cluster-wide.
  Further, the OpenVMS Wizard strongly discourages any attempt
  to duplicate device names within a cluster.  (All device names
  within a non-zero allocation class must be unique.)
  Consider what would happen with duplicate device names across
  a cluster -- even assuming you could configure it, of course.
  Applications have diffferent behaviours, data corruptions can
  arise, and confusion reigns.
  As is usual with these requests, you will want to take this
  opportunity to switch not to different physical device names
  nor different shadowset volume names, but to logical names
  (DISK$volumelabel or site-specific) for the volumes.

answer written or last revised on ( 7-JUL-2004 )

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