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Using RSH for File Transfer? FTP?

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The Question is:

Can I force RSH into binary mode?
TCPIP Services 5.4
I am trying to use RSH to downline load a binary file (vxworks image) to an
 Alpha VME 5/480 from and ES40.
RSH cat foo, foo get corrupted.
TCPIP RSH appends cr cr lf (0D 0D 0Ah) every
2560 Bytes (A00h) to output.
I have tested this on tcpip services v5.4 previous versions  of tcpip services
 and ucx also corrupt files.
RSH on OSF/1 works as expected.

The Answer is :

  A rsh remote command shell would not be the first choice of the
  OpenVMS Wizard for file download much less binary file downloads,
  use of tools such as ftp or bootp/tftp would tend to be preferable.
  Commands include COPY/FTP/BINARY.  COPY/RCP is also available.
  (RCP attempts to determine if the file is binary.  For some of
  teh related control mechanisms available, please see the FTP and
  RCP logical names in the TCP/IP Services documentation.)
  Files can also be uuencoded for text-format transmission, of course.
  Details of the input file would be of interest, as various of the
  sequential file record formats on OpenVMS contain embedded control
  characters.  But again, the OpenVMS Wizard would not tend to use
  a tool designed and intended as a user command terminal mechanism
  as a file transfer tool.

answer written or last revised on ( 8-JUL-2004 )

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