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PB2GA-JD S3 Trio64 V+, 9FX Motion 331?

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The Question is:

Is the 9FX Motion 331 (PB2GA-JD?) still supported under Alpha VMS 7.3-1 and the
 current Motif?
I had been running Alpha VMS 7.2 and Motif with no problems, and decided to
 upgrade to 7.3-1 and the newer Motif that was packaged with 7.3-1. After the
 uneventful upgrade, DECwindows/Motif no longer starts up on the video card. I
 have checked the FAQ for
 hints, and have verified all of the settings.
The decwindows server process starts, the wsa0: process starts, window_system
 is still set to 1, and there are no errors in the decw$session log. But the
 decw login screen does not appear on the video console.
After about 5-10 minutes of uptime, the video background changes from blue to
 black, and soon after that the system goes into a "hang" state and no longer
 responds to any I/O (telnet, serial TTB0:, or graphics OPA0: keyboard).
Setting the console to serial and pulling the video card gets the system
 running for an extended period (50+ minutes), so I assume the video card has
 either been desupported or has coincidentally failed during the upgrade process.

The Answer is :

  It is expected that the S3 Trio64V PB2GA-JD (9FX Motion 331) will
  operate with current OpenVMS releases.
  Please do ensure you have the graphics ECO and other current ECO
  kits installed as a start.
  It could also be that the video card hardware is simply failing,
  or the card and the display are not correctly matched, of course.
  This card supports the following resolutions under OpenVMS:
    Display         Vertical Frequency      Pixel Frequency
    -------         ------------------      ---------------
    640x480                 60,72Hz         25.18,31.5MHz
    800x600                 60,72Hz         40,50MHz
    1024x768                60,70,72Hz      65,75,74.37MHz
    * 1280x1024             60,66,72Hz      110.16,119,131MHz
  * This resoultion is NOT supported by the PB2GA-JB 1MB Video Card.
  Equate the following DECWindows Server Symbols within the file
  DECW$PRIVATE_SERVER_SETUP.COM to configure the desired resolution
  and vertical refresh rates.  For example:
    $ DECW$XSIZE_IN_PIXELS == 1280
    $ DECW$YSIZE_IN_PIXELS == 1024
  Please contact your hardware services organization for assistance
  with testing or replacing the card, should this be a hardware

answer written or last revised on ( 20-JUL-2004 )

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