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Apache/CWS, Kerberos External Authentication?

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The Question is:

I am interested in using HP's Secure Web Server (based on Apache) for my
 Intranet.   I would like to be able to validate users and passwords for access
 to certain directories and would like to use their Windows Password.
I currently use Advanced Server 7.3A, External Authentication, and Multinet
 4.4, and secure web server 2.0.  My VMS usernames and Windows Usernames match.
I can't use Auth_OpenVms because it won't authorize anyone with external
It seems my options might be Auth_Kerb (which is listed in the Installation
 guide's module list) and Auth_LDAP which isn't.
When I try Auth_Kerb, it won't startup.  It returns a message "Can't locate API
 module structure `auth_kerb_module' in file /apache$root/000000
/modules/mod_auth_kerb: function not implemented".   Is it dependent on another
 module being loaded? Or is multinet's Kerberos Lib not compatible?
When I try mod_Auth_LDap and mod_LDap, I get a stack dump at authentication
 time.   In addition, the Apache log shows a message "LDAP: Built with unknown
 LDAP SDK".  LDap is not listed in the installation guide's module list, but is
 in the modules directo
Is there a recommended way of validating Windows Passwords?

The Answer is :

  Have you followed the instructions on configuring mod_auth_kerb
  for loading during the SWS/Apache startup?  This normally involves
  adding a LoadModule entry in httpd.conf, and setting the Apache
  authentication type to Kerberos.  It also involves configuring
  and starting Kerberos on OpenVMS, configuring and loading the
  certificates for Apache, and other related steps, of course --
  the generic Apache documentation and generic Kerberos on Apache
  discussions are appropriate references here, of course.
  The OpenVMS Wizard is not in a position to provide details of
  the Process Multinet implementation nor specific requirements.

answer written or last revised on ( 10-SEP-2004 )

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