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Code Consumes Heap? Memory or Pagefile Leak?

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The Question is:

i am not sure this is a legal question according to your rules and i feel your
 related sites are much too diffult to browse for my specific problem. It is
 like that:
i run a c++ program compiled with compiler version 6.2-16 and linked with
 linker A12-03. It runs perfectly stable for around 10 days. Then without any
 obvious reason it starts to consume the heap until pagefile quota are exceeded.
If i remove parts of the code, this occurs later. I cannot see any bug in my
 very seriously checked software, and the error occurs independent of the data
 input of the program. I tried to debug the program. What i saw looked like the
 memory was continuous
ly growing whenever any method was called, allthough no allocation by the new
 -operator or malloc was done.
Do you know about any bug in your software that could cause such a kind of

The Answer is :

  Your code contains a leak, either within your code or within an
  underlying module or routine.  Without a source code reproducer,
  no more specific answer appears entirely feasible.
  For general information on coding and coding errors, please see
  topic (1661) here in Ask The Wizard.
  As is commonly requested, please apply the current OpenVMS ECO kits.
  The current C++ compiler for OpenVMS Alpha is V6.5, as well.  There
  can exist ECO kits for compilers, as well -- and there is an ECO kit
  available for the C++ V6.5 compiler, for instance.

answer written or last revised on ( 26-JUL-2004 )

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