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Asymmetric Ethernet Link (NIC) Performance?

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The Question is:

our new AlphaServer DS25, V7.3-2, TCPIP V5.4 downloads a binary file from a
 server in a few seconds, uploading the same file takes a very long time. It
 ist the same with different servers (VMS and NonVMS). Every outgoing transfer
 seems to be slow. If I up
load to DS25 it's fast, download from DS25 is slow.
Any ideas how to avoid this bottleneck?
Reni Stanger

The Answer is :

  Check the Ethernet controller and the switch speed and duplex settings;
  ensure the settings match and -- if enabled -- that negotiation has
  completed successfully on both ends of the Ethernet network link.
  For some related details, please see topics (4658) and (6421), among
  Please also contact your network support organization, as there could
  also be hardware-level network error(s) involved here.  Also expect to
  be asked details of the specific network communications hardware and
  the configuration involved here.  Also expect to be asked for the
  relative time of the longer (outbound) transfer; while longer, the
  specific difference -- possibly a factor of about 10? -- could be
  of some interest here.  (A factor of ten could imply that there is
  a negotiation problem involving 10 and 100 megabits, for instance.)
  Do also install all mandatory ECO kits for the OpenVMS release and
  the TCP/IP Services release, and any non-mandatory ECOs associated
  with the LAN interface, the particular NICs involved, or the I/O

answer written or last revised on ( 5-AUG-2004 )

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