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Remote System Management, CD/DVD Access?

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The Question is:

I administer remote systems in several locations.   Some systems have
 infoservers, yet it is not practical for me to go to a location to insert a CD
 in an infoserver or system CD.  Is there any CD device/server that I can have
 in my office that will conne
ct to my systems via TCPIP to copy/install software.  In my office I have a PC
Thank you, Mike Ford

The Answer is :

  No IP-based installation is supported, available, nor documented.
  If you cannot have media loaded at the target site and have remote
  console access, you will want to dedicate one or more disks as
  staging areas for installation kits.
  Installation kits can typically be transfered to magnetic
  media, whether locally or remotely.  Kits can then be installed,
  and even OpenVMS itself given remote access to the console.

answer written or last revised on ( 9-AUG-2004 )

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