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Windows XP, Advanced Server and RPC Errors?

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The Question is:

Alpha ES-40, running NET-APP-SUP-200 (UCX) configured as a domain controller.
 WIN 2K PC will join the domain just fine, but the WINXP PC, service pak 1,
 reports "The following error occurred while try to join the domain:  "ICING".
 A remote procedure cal
l (RPC) protocol error occurred."
Any ideas on the incompatibility between WIN 2K, WIN XP, and the ALPHA domain

The Answer is :

  Please ensure you have the appropriate current OpenVMS, TCP/IP
  Services and Advanced Server versions and ECO kits loaded.
  Please also see existing discussions of Domain Controllers and
  recent Windows versions.  Topics include (9734), (9667), (9612),
  (9048), (8303), (8150), (8034) and likely various others.  For
  discussions of Windows XP and Advanced Server, please see topics
  including (8377), (8266) and (6571).

answer written or last revised on ( 11-AUG-2004 )

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