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Meaning of Mount Verification (MNTVER) Error?

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The Question is:

I had an annoying issue the other day.  I just upgraded our AS 800 from OVMS
 7.2-1 to 7.3-2. For the upgrade, I created a dir on the userdisk(dka100:) to
 hold all the patches for 7.3-2 as below.
$ create/dir dka100:[system]
I downloaded several patches such as:
When I tried to do an image backup of the userdisk, the dev (dka100:) went
 offline and went into a mountverify loop. I tried this twice and both times
 the backup made it to the dka100:[system] dir that I had created and then went
 offline. I then booted mi
n and did anal/disk/repair dka100: and it was clean. I then mounted the disk
 privately and tried backup dka100: mkb600:.... and the same thing happened. I
 then deleted the dir and all patches and the image backup ran just fine. My
 question is, was it the
dir [system] or the patches the caused the device to go offline? I can try and
 get a test box to test this on but just wanted your thoughts.
Thanks in advance.

The Answer is :

  Mount verification is the expected OpenVMS response to retryable I/O
  Please contact your prefered hardware support organization, or HP
  services.  The most common causes of mount verification errors are
  transient hardware errors, though there are also cases where more
  serious hardware errors -- or occasionally even software errors --
  have triggered mount verification errors.
  Mount verification occurs when an error that is deemed retryable and
  potentially fixable is returned on an I/O.   There can be controller
  and network-level reconfigurations that cause transient connectivity
  losses, and an I/O occuring during such an outage will trigger the
  mount verification (MNTVER) processing -- at least one older disk
  storage subsystem had a fixed disk and a removable disk on the same
  spindle and motor assembly, and spinning down to remove the removable
  disk platter would trigger mount verification.  There are other
  potential triggers -- mount verification can also be triggered by
  hardware problems.
  Details on instances of hardware errors can generally be retrieved
  from the system error log.
  As an obvious precaution -- should this be triggered by a failing
  disk spindle or other failing storage hardware -- please perform a
  full disk BACKUP/IMAGE operation of any critical data.
  Related discussions include (2602), (3277), (4680), (6685), (6745),
  (7033), (8101), (8764), (9036), and (9095).

answer written or last revised on ( 20-AUG-2004 )

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