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Direct SYSGEN parameter changes unbootable?

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The Question is:

After resuscitating an old VAX 4000-106 I decided to try and install Pathworks
 5.0 on the system drive. Upon successful completion of installation I ran the
 Pathworks config file which generously informed me that my system was
 underconfigured. I had to SY
SGEN several params like PRCSECTCNT, GBLSECTIONS, and GBLPAGES, all too low.
 after USE CURR, SET param, WRITE CURR
I rebooted only to be unable to login both normally and minimally. Only
 STANDALONE back/boot works. Upon completion of bootup I see: Error activating
 command interpreter tables DCLTABLES - Shareable images must be installed to
 run priveleged image" , pres
sing ENTER just brings me back to Username: prompt.
Any answer out of this situation would be greatly appreciated.

The Answer is :

  The OpenVMS Wizard would recommend use MODPARAMS.DAT and AUTOGEN for
  this and similar modifications -- direct parameter modifications
  are not something that the OpenVMS Wizard generally recommends, as
  AUTOGEN can and does maintain required relationships between various
  of the core system parameters.  Further, direct system parameter
  modifications tend to be lost after system upgrades and any time a
  subsequent AUTOGEN is performed.
  In particular, your system parameters are currently insufficient
  for an operational bootstrap.  Probably GBLPAGES or GBLSECTIONS,
  in this case, but there can be other causes.
  Reboot conversationally (as described in the FAQ), specify the
  SYSBOOT command USE DEFAULT to select the default system parameter
  values, specify STARTUP_P1 to "MIN" to avoid starting up any
  layered products, log in on the console (glass TTY mode or via
  the console serial line (selecting and enabling the serial console
  is described in the FAQ), and start the process of AUTOGEN passes
  to get back to a bootable configuration, and then use MODPARAMS.DAT
  to get to the required settings.
  If you do decide not to heed the advice of the OpenVMS Wizard around
  (not) making direct parameter changes, do consider using the WRITE
  command to store a copy of the unmodified parameter settings away;
  you can later reboot conversationally and USE this file if (when?)
  there are errors in the new parameter settings.
  The OpenVMS Wizard will assume you are aware that the software
  versions are very old.  If you must run versions this old, do
  apply all available ECO kits.  Also do see the various existing
  compatibility issues and discussions with these older versions
  when operating with newer Microsoft Windows platforms; see
  existing topics here here in Ask The Wizard.

answer written or last revised on ( 23-AUG-2004 )

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