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STOP (or sys$delprc) and Privileges?

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The Question is:

What privileges does a user need to execute the STOP/ID= command?  I have the
 ability to execute this command, but one of my users gets an insufficient
 privileges response.  Thanks for you help.

The Answer is :

  No privileges are required for your own processes, and GROUP or WORLD
  are required to STOP the processes of other members of your UIC group,
  or to stop processes of members of other UIC groups, respectively.
  From the STOP command HELP text:
     Terminates execution of a command, an image, a command procedure,
     a command procedure that was interrupted by a Ctrl/Y function, or
     a detached process or subprocess.
     Requires GROUP privilege to stop other processes in the same
     group. Requires WORLD privilege to stop processes outside your

answer written or last revised on ( 25-AUG-2004 )

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