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POP3 and IMAP Clients, SMTP mail?

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The Question is:

Just want to see if there is a product that acts like a pop3 client on a
 OpenVms Alpha system.
(ok "tcpip services" offers a pop server but what I need  on my openvms is a
 pop client to fetch messages  on a remote server)
I saw that such product like "fetchmail" is running over HP unix but I didn't
 see anything about  Openvms ?

The Answer is :

  Mozilla offers this capability, and there are various SMTP mail
  client ports either listed in the OpenVMS FAQ or discussed in
  the newsgroups.  PINE is an obvious example.
  OpenVMS has full SMTP servers capabilities with TCP/IP Services,
  and thus the local network can potentially be configured to use
  MX or SMTP, and the local native MAIL client.

answer written or last revised on ( 27-AUG-2004 )

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