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Third-Party Software? (VAX-11 RSX, RT-11)

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The Question is:

I work as a programmer for UCLA at Mt. Wilson
in astronomy.  We have some extremely old computers running obsolete operating
including an LSI-11/2 running RT-11 from about
1978.  I need to assemble MACRO programs for
that computer but could do without the entire
operating system.  Would that be possible on a
VAX using compatibility mode?  I tried a test
and got the respose that the vax couldn't find
a program called RSX.EXE.  Would it be possible
to install compatibility mode on VMS V5.4-2?
Could compatibility mode handle RT11 stuff?
Thank you in advance, John Boyden, Programmer, UCLA

The Answer is :

  The OpenVMS compatibility mode request invokes the PDP-11 RSX-11
  operating system environment and the associated layered product,
  and not the PDP-11 RT-11 environment.
  You likely seek either an RT-11 programming environment (running
  as a native operating sustem platform, or running on an emulator),
  or a set of cross-tools.   Neither of these are part of OpenVMS
  Mentec Inc. owns the RSX compatibility mode environment for OpenVMS,
  and the VAX-11 RSX associated layered product, and the PDP-11
  operating systems.

answer written or last revised on ( 30-AUG-2004 )

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