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Printer Shadowing Options? Replicated Output?

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The Question is:

Is it possible to print a single file to two separate printer queues with one
 VMS command?

The Answer is :

  One-line questions are exceedingly difficult for the OpenVMS Wizard.
  Background and additional details can help clarify the particular local
  requirements and the local environment, and can thus allow the OpenVMS
  Wizard to tailor the answer.
  There are any number of ways to accomplish this printing task, ranging
  from a DCL command procedure comprised of two PRINT commands, to a
  modified print or server symbiont, to an LPR/LPR passthrough, to tools
  which stop and restart and reassign and otherwise manage a set of print
  queues, to hardware solutions which provide replicated output either by
  printers operating in parallel or printers loaded with multi-part form

answer written or last revised on ( 9-SEP-2004 )

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