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Macro32 Assemblers and Compilers? OpenVMS I64?

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The Question is:

1) Will my MACRO programs run on ITANIUM?
2) Will I still be able to modify and assemble them?
2) Must I rewrite them (in C)?

The Answer is :

  A VAX Macro32 compiler is available on OpenVMS I64, analogous to
  the availablity of a VAX Macro32 compiler on OpenVMS Alpha.  As is
  discussed in the FAQ, a substantial portion of OpenVMS remains
  written in VAX Macro32 assembler.
  The OpenVMS Wizard would strongly encourage a review of the porting
  documentation, as you start to look at porting your source code to
  OpenVMS I64.  The documentation expected to be provided with V8.2
  does include information specifically around porting source code.
  The documentation does identify sepcific areas of interest when
  porting source code, and identifies options and requirements.
  As for whether or not your particular code is portable to OpenVMS
  I64, that depends highly on the code itself, and particularly on
  what architectural features the code might use.  As was recommended
  with ports from VAX to Alpha, a review of such code is encouraged --
  much has changed since most VAX Macro assembler code was written.
  There may well be a direct or easy replacement, given the additional
  system services and run-time library services that have been added.
  As was the case with porting from VAX to Alpha, the vast majority
  of application source code is expected to require little more than
  a full source rebuild.

answer written or last revised on ( 10-SEP-2004 )

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