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Password Management, Lifetime, Expiration?

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The Question is:

I have noticed that when my password expires I get prompted for the old
 password and then a new one.
Some of the users dont get this option the password simply expires and has to
 be reset in authorize.
What needs to be done to enable the password to be changed at logon once it has

The Answer is :

  Users that have had access expire have probably reached the username's
  expiration date -- OpenVMS provides one last password-change attempt
  when the password lifetime is reached, but does not permit any access
  after the username's expiration date is reached.
  If you wish to know exactly what has transpired, use AUTHORIZE to
  check the SYSUAF password lifetime, the SYSUAF username expiration,
  and SYSUAF password-locked flag setting (/FLAG=LOCKPWD), and (after
  enabling auditing and the password- and SYSUAF-related auditing, if
  required) review the contents of the security audit logs.
  The OpenVMS Wizard would also recommend a review of the security
  manual and the AUTHORIZE utility chapter in the system manager's
  utility reference manual, if you are unfamiliar with either of
  these two documents.  These documents provide extensive details
  on configuring and managing user accounts (usernames) on OpenVMS.
  It also provides details of areas that can be of concern when
  establishing and managing user accounts, such as some of the
  hazards of shared-access usernames, as well as accountability
  and auditing recommendations.

answer written or last revised on ( 13-SEP-2004 )

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