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AlphaStation 255 and Fiber Fast Ethernet?

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The Question is:

I have actually two questions that are related. For a Model AlphaStation
 255/233, does HP sell or support a Fast Ethernet PCI card that is connected
 via Fiber. Secondly, we tried a model model NC3131 Ethernet card with a Fiber
 Daughter board but the bios
does not recognize the device. Bios version is SRM FW = V7.0, Update Utility
 Rev=V8.1. The intent is for the AlphaStation to connect to an external device
 using fiber as the media but fast ethernet as the network type.

The Answer is :

  You will want to contact the HP Customer Services organization as the
  OpenVMS Wizard does not know if the fiber variants of the DE500 or the
  DE600 series NICs are supported on this platform -- there is a gap in
  this area in the information available to the OpenVMS Wizard.
  It appears that the DE500-FA might be supported in this configuration,
  assuming V7.1-1H1 or later, though the OpenVMS Wizard cannot locate a
  confirmation of that.  DE602-FA requires OpenVMS Alpha V7.2-1H1 or later.
  Again, unfortunately, the OpenVMS Wizard does not have this information.

answer written or last revised on ( 29-NOV-2004 )

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