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StorageWorks SWCC Agent Error?

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The Question is:

Sometimes I get errormessages like the following when starting a WinXP box
 which is registered as client with SWCC Agent Version: 2.2 (Build 61) on
 OpenVMS 7.2-1 :
WARNING: Socket error - gethostbyaddr(): record not found (SP_SOCKET:
WARNING: Validation failed - Unauthorized client (Unknown Client, access level:
 -1); connection refused (SP_TCP: ClientConnect)
WARNING:  - socketWrite(): bad file number (SP_SOCKET: socketWrite)
WARNING: Socket error - socketClose(): bad file number (SP_SOCKET: socketClose)
and in the eventlog of the XP-Box I can see :
Event 257
Communication loss with an agent on host:tcimax
Event 258
Trap received from (Host:hostname, Subsystem:ra7000) :
Communication with the  subsystem failed.
This does not happen every time, the client boots!
Is the client trying to connect the SWCC$AGENT or does SWCC$Agent care about
 the comming up of "his" clients?

The Answer is :

  Please contact the customer support center directly for this and similar
  questions -- the OpenVMS Wizard is certainly not a StorageWorks Wizard,
  nor a Microsoft Windows XP Wizard.  The OpenVMS Wizard does strive to
  make this situation clear in the introduction to asking a question of
  the Wizard, and the OpenVMS Wizard apologies for an inability to provide
  an answer to this.

answer written or last revised on ( 30-SEP-2004 )

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