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Asymmetric Network NIC Performance?

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The Question is:

I have a cluster with a DS10 and a DS25 both running VMS 7.3-1 and DECnet-plus.
  Decnet copies from or to the DS10 are extremely fast, but the DS25 is
 extremely slow.  I have tried to see what differences in the NCL startup
 scripts and other than the date
 stamps and network interface differences (both have multiple interfaces, but
 only one in each have a CSMA-CD defined), I can find no differences.  Both
 systems have the network interfaces hard set to 100 MB full duplex and this is
 confirmed on the switch
 that they are connected to.  What can I check or change to find why there is a
Also, both are licensed/configured as end nodes.

The Answer is :

  The obvious trigger would usually involve the Ethernet settings
  on the LAN and/or the NICs, and specifically the speed and duplex
  settings.  If the settings (as you have indicated) do match, then
  determine which mandatory OpenVMS ECO kits, which optional kits
  (if any) and the DECnet ECO kit (if any) needs to be loaded.
  Then please contact the support center, as information on the
  system parameters, the counters (retransmits and otherwise) and
  other settings will likely be required for troubleshooting this,
  as will some information on the local hardware and the network

answer written or last revised on ( 8-OCT-2004 )

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