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Recovering from BACKUP errors?

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The Question is:

We make backups everyday and sometimes be have a %X10A38012 error without any
 special reason and in the same circunstances.
If we repeat the backup at the end of the first, it is done correctly. The
 explanation for the error is: "The Backup utility cannot open the specified
 output file" but this does not have too much meaning. It happends specially
 with large files, but the de
stination drive has enough space.

The Answer is :

  You have likely reached your open file or channel limit.  Reaching
  these limits can also be the reason why the message isn't translated
  into text - with insufficient resources for the file open, there are
  also insufficient resources to open the message file containing the
  text translation.
  In eneral, please follow the documentation on setting up a BACKUP
  username as documented in the system manager's essentials manual.
  In particular, make certain your FILLM quota is set to a value of
  CHANNELCNT parameter minus 20.

answer written or last revised on ( 18-OCT-2004 )

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