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SSH and Password Expiration?

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The Question is:

We have just went from using telent to ssh to connect to our OVMS Alpha, we
 have passwords set to expire every 30 days.  When the password expires ssh
 does not let us login once to be able to change the password.  Is there
 something we need to change to a
llow the intial login after the password expires to allow creating a new

The Answer is :

  Key here is the setting of the AllowNonvmsLoginWithExpiredPw
  option.  Enabling this option may or may not be feasible,
  depending on the clients involved.
  There is related information on this topic in the release notes for
  TCP/IP Services -- the OpenVMS Wizard will assume you are using the
  TCP/IP Services V5.4 release -- and specifically there are SSH clients
  which are not capable of supporting the password change request from
  the host.  Details on this are in the release notes; specifically:
    o  SSH access from a non-OpenVMS client to a user with an
       expired password on an OpenVMS server is controlled by
       the value of the AllowNonvmsLoginWithExpiredPw option
       in the SSHD2_CONFIG file. For more information about
       this option, refer to the HP TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS
       Guide to SSH.
  HTML-format multi-file documentation is comparatively difficult to
  search, use of either PDF or text-format files is often easier.

answer written or last revised on ( 13-JAN-2005 )

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