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Fibre Channel and Disk Allocation Classes?

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The Question is:

We have an OpenVMS Cluster environment with 2 Alphaservers each at different
 location. Each server has its own OS disk & individual external storge (HSJ40
 -SW500) with 11 Disks each. Both Side the Data is replicated through Volume
 Shadowing. Now we are mi
grating old Storage with one side EVA3000 & other side MSA1000.
Presently we have $1$DUA1:... $1$DUA11 in one place & other place it is
 $2$DUA1:...$2$DUA11. So Volume Shadowing doesn't have any problem while
 copying from $1$DUA1: to $2$DUA1: and so on.
The problem we are facing is that we are not able to configure ALLOCATION CLASS
 on either of these storages, hence both side are getting similar names i.e.:
 $1$DGA1 & so on.
Please let me know how to configure ALLOCATION CLASS in MSA1000 or in the
 Console of Alphaserver4100 using KGPSA Controller.
Thanks & regards.

The Answer is :

  Allocation classes on all Fibre Channel devices are always $1$ on
  The OpenVMS Wizard would likely use $1$DGA100-199 for one controller,
  $1$DGA200-299 for the second, etc.
  For information on the StorageWorks controllers and on low-level
  StorageWorks configurations, please consult with a StorageWorks
  Wizard -- the OpenVMS Wizard is not a StorageWorks wizard, as is
  mentioned in the introduction, and is not in a position to provide
  details of or information on StorageWorks configurations.

answer written or last revised on ( 28-OCT-2004 )

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