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The Question is:

How do I resolve a bind problem?
show service displays the following
TCPIP> sh service
Service             Port  Proto    Process          Address            State
BIND                  53  TCP,UDP  TCPIP$BIND             Disabled
ESNMP                705  UDP      ESNMP               Disabled
When I try to start bind service the following is displayed
TCPIP> enable service bind
%TCPIP-I-SERVSTARTED, BIND service already started

The Answer is :

  Stop TCP/IP services entirely, and use the configuration menu
  tool TCPIP$CONFIG to enable and start the BIND server.
  The OpenVMS Wizard generally (and strongly) recommends against use
  of the TCPIP utility ENABLE and DISABLE SERVICE commands, in favor of
  using the provided TCPIP$*STARTUP and TCPIP$*SHUTDOWN procedures.
  ENABLE SERVICE and DISABLE SERVICE are inviting, but can unfortunately
  leave the associated component process(s) in an indeterminate state.
  Do also ensure that your OpenVMS and TCP/IP Services ECOs are
  all current, as well.

answer written or last revised on ( 5-NOV-2004 )

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