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MicroVAX II KA630 Console Bootstrap Command?

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The Question is:

I have a uVAXII running VMX 5-5.2
On this computer, I can't
>>> show dev
I have an RRD50 CD-ROM reader attached to this system, from which I wish to
 upgrad to a later version of VMS.
How do I show the system configuration from the >>> prompt??

The Answer is :

  The MicroVAX II console is almost twenty years old, and lacks various
  of the more useful commands found in more current VAX consoles, and
  in Alpha SRM and Integrity consoles.  There is no SHOW command in
  the KA630 console, among other limitations -- though the KA630 does
  have what is known as a sniffer bootstrap, meaning it automatically
  looks through for a bootable device in response to a BOOT command.
  The BOOT command for a MicroVAX II usually involves a DU device
  (when an explicit boot device is specified) and usually DUB0 for
  the first unit on the second UQSSP-compatible controller present
  on the system.  (B indicates the second controller, 0 is the first
  unit on the controller.)  The name can and will vary based on the
  specific Q-bus configuration; see topics including (407), (1149),
  (1866), (3232), and (5219).
  Probably the easiest way to identify the device is to bootstrap
  the current version of OpenVMS VAX, and use the DCL command SHOW
  DEVICE D or possibly DU.
  The MicroVAX II is no longer supported by OpenVMS VAX.  The OpenVMS
  Wizard would replace this MicroVAX II KA630 series VAX system with
  a less-ancient OpenVMS VAX configuration, or would move forward to
  OpenVMS Alpha or to OpenVMS I64.

answer written or last revised on ( 7-NOV-2004 )

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