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TCP/IP Services Docs, Examples?

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The Question is:

I run a program created, without change, from
It fails on sys$assign for TCPIP$DEVICE. This is a system logical defined as
Other socket based TCPIP programs work Ok.
Also I used to use an excellent site called 'Digital TCP-IP Services for Open
 VMS' which described the various Socket routines. This now contains TCPIP
 management information. Is there now a site which describes basic VMS Socket
Mark Battle

The Answer is :

  That the application fails on an $assign call is unfortunately
  insufficient information here.  The OpenVMS Wizard is quite often
  unable to answer a generic problem statements, as the range of
  potential causes for generic problem statements is, well, huge.
  (There are a number of reasons why an $assign call might fail.
  $assign returns specific errors, of course, and application code
  is free to process these errors according to local needs -- the
  use of macros such as $VMS_STATUS_SUCCESS() -- from stsdef.h --
  can be useful as a generic error-handling mechanism.)
  Do also consider providing details of product versions and the
  ECO level, such as the version of TCP/IP Services -- and if you
  are not current, do seriously consider upgrading to the most
  current release and ECO.  In this case, your OpenVMS VAX version
  is old, and your TCP/IP Services version is unspecified but -- if
  it matches the OpenVMS VAX version -- it is likely also outdated.
  ECO kits are available for OpenVMS VAX and for TCP/IP Services.
  Please seriously consider at least the ECO, if not the upgrade
  and the ECO.
  The TCP/IP Services documentation is available at the main OpenVMS
  documentation website, and the C and $qio APIs are documented in the
  available TCP/IP Services manuals at the main OpenVMS documentation
  website.  (The current C run-time library (RTL) manual is also now
  directly part of the OpenVMS documentation set, having been migrated
  from the C compiler documentation into the OpenVMS documentation.)

answer written or last revised on ( 29-NOV-2004 )

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