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Migrating VWS/UIS Applications to DECwindows?

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The Question is:

I have a customer who ownes some vaxes with vws, and a software wich uses it.
Are there documentations and cost evaluation (in time) for migration from vws /
 uis to dec-windows / motif ?

The Answer is :

  VWS/UIS is now a third-party package, supported by Touch Technologies.
  VWS/UIS date back to what were then known as VAX/VMS releases, and
  particularly to releases prior to V5.1; prior to 1989.  This was
  obviously prior to the web, and prior to such constructs as PDF and
  HTML, and softcopy documentation of such comparatively old software
  is generally not or not widely available.
  Look particularly for the document entitled A Guide to Migrating VWS
  Applications to DECwindows; this material was shipped within the VWS
  V4.3 kits among other VWS releases, as was the UISX (also variously
  known as VAXuisx) API and documentation, the UIS Source Code Annotator
  tool, and a UIS to DDIF converter tool.
  Without some idea of the particular code involved, no specific answer
  is possible of course, as the effort involved in converting from an
  unknown VWS/UIS application to an X Windows or (likely better), to a
  CGI-based application could range from the trivial to the intractible.
  As mentioned earlier, there is available UISX support which may be
  of some interest; this allows various UIS-based applications to
  operate under X Windows.  UISX has the potential to allow you to
  continue using the UIS APIs.
  That written, the OpenVMS Wizard would tend to skip forward to more
  current interfaces, using CGI or other web APIs when feasible.
  While X Windows is certainly not going away, most new interfaces
  are now web-based.
  Related topics include (3183), (4177), and (5316).

answer written or last revised on ( 9-NOV-2004 )

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