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File Record Structures in Heterogenous Networks?

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The Question is:

When we do a file transfer between an Alphaserver running VMS 7.3.1 and
 Pathworks and a Windows NT PC we get the following error when we try to open
 the file on the OpenVMS system.
-RMS-F-IFA, illegal file attributes detected (file header corrupted)
-NONAME-W-NOMSG, Message number 00000000
%CAM-F-ABORT, PARS aborted
Are there some setting PATHWORKS set that changes the file attribbutes ?

The Answer is :

  Many things can corrupt the structure of a file, including Windows and
  Advanced Server, errant FTP transfer modes, and limitations of any of
  the potential intervening file systems or transfer tools.
  Network file transfer operations can also strip off record attribute
  settings, and can otherwise play havoc with files -- such details as
  the sequential file formats can be of interest, as only a small subset
  of the OpenVMS sequential file formats are disk-level compatible with
  other platforms, as well.
  The OpenVMS Wizard generally uses zip, and specifies the capital V
  option (in quotes) to preserve the OpenVMS file attributes.  Other
  options include using CONVERT or SET FILE/ATTRIBUTES to reconstitute
  record structures or to reset corrupted file attributes.

answer written or last revised on ( 10-NOV-2004 )

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